Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Bedroom Makeover

So i finally did it. It took a few days and a little bit of convincing to get funding for the project from my husband, but i'm sure now he is very happy with the investment ;) What started out as a disorganized cluttered bedroom with the only furniture being a bed and a bedside table has now transformed into a peaceful place to look forward to going to at the end of the day. The new furniture we got on craigslist. It's a beautiful 5 piece wood set with 2 nightstands, a dresser, lingerie dresser, and a bed. We opted not to use the wood bed because i preferred the look of the wrought iron bed and it matches the handles on the drawers nicely. Not to mention many of my accent's such as curtain rods and lamps will be wrought iron. On the walls i used pebble stone by Behr. The bed set is one i had already purchased a while ago by Martha Stewart. This bed set is amazing because it came with all of the decorative pillows as well as curtains. I used the curtains which are very light and sheer and i decided not to use the valance that came with them. I like the simpler look. In the future i plan on getting large white lamps for the nightstands and a white rug for the floor. We also plan on putting a TV on the wall above the dresser, in the not so near future :)

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Time

I love Halloween, what's not to love? The candy, the costumes, jack-o-lantern's, pumpkin patches... The list goes on and on. We had a great Halloween. We went to a Halloween party on the 30th. Kyle and 2 of his friends dressed up as the guys in the Beastie Boys Sabotage video, and i was a schoolgirl of some sort...
On the 31'st we hit up the pumpkin patch for our annual pumpkin carving extravaganza, made some chicken tortilla soup in the crock pot and had friends over for trick or treating with the kids at our neighborhood block-party. And we finished off the holiday with pumpkin spice pancakes this Morning. I will be posting the recipe for that on here soon, they are for sure going to be a christmas or thanksgiving morning tradition in our house from now on, they are delish and they hold you over for dinner... Alright time for me to get ready for work and figure out how to get rid of all of the left over halloween candy before i eat it all...

To the upper left you'll see all of the fantastic jack-o-lanterns we had on display on our front porch.

My Monster Pumpkin, Below is Kyle's Surfer Pumpkin

Moto and Porter's first time to the Pumpkin Patch

We got to meet LT. Dangle

School Girls

The Beastie Boy's

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Masterbedroom make-over

i've finally come to my breaking point, i am going to buy paint for the master bed and bathroom, and scour craigslist until i find a good deal on a bedroom set. For paint i'm probably going to go with a taupe or a gray sort of color, my new comforter set is sort of a blue green with beige, and i am looking for black or rustic dark wood type of furniture (for under $400) to match the bed we have in there already, and then i need some curtain rods and Viola! So here is to hoping i can find a good paint color today...
Also here is a picture i just got of Kyle's DUI award ceremony, he got an award for having the most DUI arrests I

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My adventures outside

So once i finally made it home from work, i decided i needed to spend some time on my neglected front and backyard. So i poured myself a cold one (out of my tap in the wall i might add...) and i preceded to mow the backyard, my peaceful gardening experience shortly turned into a near death experience with a spider the size of porter and the lawn mower running out of gas... Not to worry we had extra gas so i refilled and finished. I was then able to weed my front yard and have my two four legged, retarded children pose for a Halloween picture... Feast your eyes :)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

200 miles later...

We have a new addition to the family! A 2003 GMC diesel, crew cab truck. Kyle is very excited and we are looking forward to getting a camper soon for many camping adventures.Other than that my biggest concern is what i will wear for Halloween this year... I'm caught somewhere between and Indian and something else.... i will be headed to the costume shop today!

Friday, October 16, 2009


The Perfect Ending

I kiss you goodbye and give a smile,
As you drive away, I pray out loud.
A prayer I said out loud for you,
And all the others who wear the blue.

Keep them safe as they must protect,
Keep them strong as they wear their vest.
The job they do most wouldn't have,
Still they continue to wear the badge.

As I lay down with my thoughts of you,
I toss and turn til way past two.
The lights I see coming up the drive,
And now I can release a small sigh.

Safe at home once again,
Please Lord, let tomorrow have the same

Esther Tillman

Weekend Happenings

Finally a weekend. Kyle sold the Charger so we will be on the hunt for a diesel, crew cab truck of some sort... Also tomorrow morning we will be picketing with the police officers association for the second Saturday in a row
So that is always interesting... hopefully the city will open up their eyes and negotiate fairly. Then we will be at Kyle's dad's house for his little sister's birthday and then i go back to work on Sunday :( As for tonight... Kyle is at work, so i think i will go to the gym and then pour myself a big glass of wine and clean...cheers!